About us

Success starts from desire!

“Success starts from desire!”

Dmytro Varchuk


A desire to build up high-quality and efficient services to business, a wish to stimulate and change the small and medium business development towards export have formulated with me a clear understanding and stage-wise plan how I can achieve these goals. That was how KVADRA INVEST Company was established to solve complicated tasks and embody ambitious plans.  In order to skillfully, efficiently and professionally provide services in the accounting, legal and financial counseling and assist companies to increase their sales, implement marketing strategies and solve the tasks in such complicated sphere as stuff management, and optimize the majority of business processes, it is necessary to know all that not in theory only but to live with it and practice it every day. KVADRA INVEST GROUP exemplifies hat we know how to manage business efficiently, stay in the trend of all novelties and changes in the market and successfully tune all business processes in the company.


We strive to develop and strengthen small and medium businesses in Ukraine making them oriented to export of goods and services, enhancing positions of the national business abroad and improving investment attraction of the state! To achieve these goals, we are ready to support Ukrainian companies by providing high-quality and efficient services to businesses, invest in the promisisng projects and find the optimum solutions of complicated business tasks!

Corporate values of KVADRA INVEST GROUP:
HONESTY – decency in all our actions! We prefer to conduct business ethically!
SIMPLICITY – accessibility and customized approach that makes our solutions simple to understand and implement!
TRANSPARENCY – openness and decency of relations with our business partners and clients, readiness to give the required information concerning activity of the group of companies!
SAFETY – confidentiality of relations with our partners and clients! We adhere to the principle of “attorney-client privilege”, we keep and do not divulge secrets!

The main result of our work is a successful and profitable business of KVADRA INVEST GROUP and our partners and clients!
KVADRA INVEST GROUP presents an example of our skill to manage business efficiently being in the trend of all novelties and changes in the market and knowing how to successfully tune all business processes in the company.


KVADRA PRAVO was founded in 2016 and provides legal counselling services and juridical support of financial and insurance companies, co-investing institutions, partnerships of all kinds of ownership, joint investment institutions and construction companies.

Financial company AMPIR CAPITAL is a viable instrument on the market of financial/factoring services, we aspire to achieve economically profitable solutions which ensure financial freedom for further development of business. Our financial instruments are accessible and flexible that allows of implementation of our clients’ business projects.

KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Centre offers an integrated system of contact coordination and can become a full-scale virtual office of the company functioning as a sales department which receives and processes orders. Also, KVADRA ASSISTANCE is a professional credit broker.

KVADRA PARTS manufactures disposable paper cups and distributes disposable tableware and Kraft paper bags. Paper cups manufactured by KVADRA PARTS meet the requirements of all standards as regards quality, safety, moisture-resistance and are environmentally-friendly.

GREAT WEST Company works in various sectors of the Ukrainian economy and is engaged in export of mass goods. The company focuses its activity on analysis of the European and Ukrainian markets aimed at identification of the demand for a specific goods and the manufacturer of such goods.

TENDER GARANT Company provides complex tender services to bidders. TENDER GARANT takes upon itself going through all tender stages beginning from analysis of opportunities and tasks so as to ensure participation in purchase procedures and winning the tender.

KVADRA HR analyses functioning of all systems of an organization wherein the human factor is involved. Professional recruiting is based on existing problems and goals of the organization, consistent adaptation program, sound personnel assessment system, systematic training and development of the staff.

ZHYTLOBUD Company was established in 1992 and is engaged in the development of design documentation for reconstruction of the existing and building new facilities of commercial, industrial and residential purposes.

Professional security company KVADRA KVILON is focused on ensuring security and feeling of safety – these factors are most important for people. We guarantee comfort and confidence in the future for each client.

“Success starts from desire!”