Export of mass goods

International trade ranks high in the business sphere – even after conquering the market of Ukraine the majority of companies search partners abroad desiring to arrange export of its own goods. Here the question comes up: how to avoid mistakes having spent time and monies, and do not let down potential partners.

Export and import transactions require adherence to plenty of rules, necessary special knowledge and experience, therefore in order to make a sure start in the international trade it is much better to consult the professionals.

GREAT WEST Company deals on the market of Ukraine in various economy sectors as regards export of mass goods. Our activity is based on the analysis of the Markets of Europe and Ukraine from the viewpoint of the demand for a specific commodity and the manufacturer of such commodity. The Ukrainian manufacturers’ produce is in a considerable demand in other countries and our task is to find high-quality goods at a competitive price and ensure its delivery to the customer’s country.

Nowadays the company is busy working in such sectors:

  • Sawn timber;
  • Disposable tableware;
  • Packaging materials and goods;
  • Agricultural products;
  • Hive products.