Recruitment consulting and auditing

Current Ukrainian management has long ago understood and got convinced by its own experience that it is the personnel that is the main resource of any organization. Despite a great number of novelties such as corporate culture, personnel assessment, corporate training and development, the contemporary business still lacks a comprehensive and systemic approach to the work with personnel.

KVADRA HR Company analyses how function all systems of an organization which activity is influenced by a human factor.

Professional recruiting which is based on topical needs and goals of an organization, consistent adaptation program, reasonable personnel assessment system supported by adequate and sensitive incentives system, systemic training and development of the personnel, continuous improvement and support of the corporate culture of the organization – all that guarantees build-up of a strong, successful and advanced business team.

Services in the HR sphere: 


  • human resources audit, preparation of reports including recommendations;
  • harmonization of the human resources documentation with the current Labour Code;
  • keeping human resource records of a company including outsourcing;
  • consulting an employee in charge of keeping human resource records in compliance with the requirements of the Labour Code of Ukraine.


  • development of regulations, procedures, work standards and job descriptions of the personnel;
  • development and implementation of the personnel adaptation program;
  • development of the evaluation program (according to KPI, 360֯ competence profiles) and personnel incentives;
  • writing programs on the personnel social package implementation depending on the job title;
  • development and writing of the Corporate Code.


  • Recruitment and administering of the personnel that works in the Client’s office.


  • management of turnkey seminars and workshops;
  • management of seminars and workshops: basics of management, sales techniques, effective communication, etc. – the topics and program of the workshop is developed depending on actual requirements of the client.


  • survey of job satisfaction by the personnel, organizational environment and system of relationship in the company;
  • psychological testing of employees and construction of the psychological profile of a personality;
  • study of the motivation profile of the personnel;
  • testing of external candidates for possible employment.


  • coaching of the company management (individual sessions with clearly defined objective that are aimed at competence development of the managers and search of the optimum solutions and behaviour strategies);
  • coaching of employees (are performed with a view of personnel development, updating of the performance potential and settlement of conflict situations).