Manufacturer of disposable paper tableware. Distributor of disposable tableware and Kraft paper bags.

KVADRA PARTS company manufactures disposable paper tableware and distributes disposable paper tableware and Kraft paper bags.

KVADRA PARTS commenced its work with setup of a series of tasks: systematization of all business processes, expansion of the company presence in Ukraine and introduction of our products to the European markets.

First of all we replaced cheap Chinese paper with the more expensive, however, of high-quality, European paper and performed the necessary works in order to adjust the production capacity – as a result in enabled us to cut short the quantity of set-aside paper by several times. Desiring to make our products environmentally-friendly, we started to use the machine tools that fasten seams without use of adhesives.

Due to use of high-quality paper, environmentally-friendly seams and stable and good operation of our machine tools, we achieved considerable reduction in scrap and ended up with a competitive price. The main point is that our cups meet all standards regulating production of high-quality, safe, moisture-resistant and environmentally-friendly products.


Modern high-tech production;

+ Manufacturing of branded cups within a very short time;

+ Operational development of a design mock-up – up to 1 day;

+ Application of high-quality, primarily Finnish, Swedish and German cardboards;

+ Wide range of paper cups and their purchased parts

+ Work with a various density paper;

+ Work with small and over-size quantities;

+ Successful export of our products to EU countries.

Having arranged stable production of paper cups, we developed further and commissioned a high-tech packing shop which enabled to extend our product range to the maximum so that we can accept for packing all other kinds of disposable tableware. Such a development made it possible to supply a whole line of disposable tableware to the filling station chain, big and small trading centres and considerably increase the wholesale transactions.

And above all – we successfully move ahead to our main goal – export of our products. To achieve this aim, we have received a great number of approvals and were checked many times. As a result, we have prepared a set of documents required for exporting our products.

Now our team already exports our products to Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Main lines o9f activity:

+ Production of paper cups.

+ Packing sets of disposable tableware.

+ Distribution of disposable tableware.

+ Distribution of Kraft paper bags.

The COMPANY WEBSITE:  kvadraparts.com