Legal counselling. Juridical support.

KVADRA PRAVO Company was founded in 2016 and provides services in legal counselling and juridical support.

Legal framing of Ukraine is being reformed permanently. It presents additional risks for any business which is fraught with image and financial losses. Professional legal assistance, namely, juridical support of business is the best way to insure against undesirable consequences, including civil, administrative or criminal liability.


Support of financial and insurance companies: registration in the register of financial companies, receipt of licenses and approval of qualifying holding

Support of the common ICI investment activity:  registration of asset management companies, corporate investment funds, shared investment funds, approval of qualifying holding and development of business models with the use of ICI.

Support of construction activity:

+ receipt of licenses for construction works performance;

+ development of business models for financing construction;

+ alteration of the target designation of real estate (processing of a reconstruction).

Legal support of partnerships of all kinds of ownership:

+ state registration / organization of corporate management;

+ development of standard contracts and support of routine activity.

Training institutions:

+ assistance in establishment of kindergartens and training and educational centres;

+ assistance in obtaining the license;

+ provision of complex services to training institutions.


+ Juridical investigation and protection of clients’ interests in courts;

+ Development of legal reasoning in a case;

+ Reception of evidence (by way of sending lawyer’s requests, getting access to things and documents, seizure of documents);

+ Juridical support at the pre-trial stage and directly in the court hearings;

+ Settlement of issues connected with the results of the decision taken in a specific case.

The COMPANY WEBSITE:  www.kvadrapravo.com