Package of tender services for the participants of public procurement purchases

Tender Garant provides a package of tender services for the participants of public procurement purchases.

Complex and rather expensive in terms of time procedure of the tender document preparation quite often brings to entrepreneurs to a stop when planning to participate in the tender. There are many cases when a company has no appropriate experience and lacks employees who are able to properly prepare the document package.

Tender Garant will take on itself all tendering stages beginning from analysis of the possibilities and tasks associated with a participation in concrete purchasing procedures and ending with winning award at the auction. Comprehensive approach to preparation of documents and supervision of the entire tendering process at all stages makes it possible to achieve the desired result.

When selecting a consulting company for cooperation, it is necessary to pay attention to the ability of various companies to provide professional services. Pay attention to ability of experts to apply a comprehensive approach to preparation of documents and supervision of the entire process at all stages of the tender.

1st stage “Preparation for the tender”:

1.Complete analysis of the possibilities and tasks for a participation in the procurement purchases. For the maximum efficiency it is desirable that several persons are involved in such analysis.

2.Development of the concept of interaction and systematic approach to solving the tasks of each specific tender.

3.Participation in development of the technical assignment and tender documentation before their approval.  Meaningful dialogue with the customer concerning the expected cost of the tender and absence of discriminatory practices.

2nd stage “Examination of the documents and the auction”:

1.Detailed analysis of the tender documentation terms, initiation of their amendment, receipt of clarifications concerning the content of the individual terms of the tender documentation. Examination of the tender proposal, urgent receipt of documents and development of the recommendations.

2.Development of the price selection tactics and price reduction during the auction based on analysis of the previous tenders where the customer participated.

3.Enhancement of the probability of winning the auction, including due to analysis of potential competitors, levels of the price bids and typical behaviour during the auction.

4.Training the staff how to correctly prepare the tender bid.

Continuous support and consulting before and during the auction.

3rd stage “Qualification of the tender bid”

1.In case of wrongful acts of the customer concerning rejection of your proposal, a comprehensive protection of your interests should be given .

2.Study of the tender bids of your competitor so as to check their compliance with the requirements of the tender documentation and legislation of Ukraine.

4th stage “Fulfilment of the contract terms and supervision”

1) By the results of the tender you have signed a contract with the customer, however, it is required to supervise the contract until its full completion.

2) Provision of legal support concerning initiation of amendments to the essential terms of the contract of cooperation.