Flexible and accessible financial instruments will allow of implementing business projects of each client

Banking services:

  • Consulting and support of credit and guarantee transactions, depositing operations and placement of funds in the deposit accounts with the banks.
  • Consulting, provision of recommendations and support of the transactions: opening current accounts in Ukraine and abroad; cash management services in any currency; transactions with plastic cards; and provision of remote management and control of funds in the current accounts in the banks of Ukraine.

Optimization of bank tariffs and rates, accounting of transactions performed in banks as well as their analysis.

Consulting on bank legislation in Ukraine and financial monitoring.

Consulting and preparation of the document set for obtaining individual licenses fro the National Bank of Ukraine.

Accounting services

  • Analysis of the current features of a business and paperwork;
  • Development of a customized accounting and tax accounting system and paperwork (or optimization of the existing system);
  • Development of the recording policy of the company;
  • Establishment of the efficient recording system in a business;
  • Preparation of the accounting and tax accounts;
  • Support of the complex accounting of the individual entrepreneur;
  • Consulting of the financial company officials on practical aspects of the current legal regulations;
  • Consulting on conflicting issues of accounting.

Financial analysis

  • Presentation of the detailed report on the current financial standing of a company;
  • Determination of the existing and potential risks;
  • Development of specific proposals aimed at elimination of such risks;
  • Issuance of the recommendations aimed at minimization of the company expenditure;
  • Determination of the measures aimed at support of the financial stability of the company.

Insurance broker

  • Selection of the insurance company with due account of the client’s needs on most favourable terms;
  • Provision of all required consultations concerning conclusion of an insurance contract;
  • Servicing of the insurance policy at the highest level possible;
  • Determination of all possible risks;
  • Performance of all complexities of the negotiations;
  • Full assistance in case of an insured event.

Credit broker

  • Detailed study of the proposals made by various banks and credit unions of Ukraine;
  • Prompt performance of all transactions;
  • Assistance in preparation of all required documents and follow-up of the contract until receipt of the positive decision concerning credit disbursement;
  • Selection of the most favourable credit terms with due account of the needs and possibilities of the client;
  • Clarification of true reasons of crediting and all possible consequences in each particular case;
  • Identification of the reasons of the refusal and assistance in its elimination;
  • Furnishing information obtained from the credit history bureau to the client and, if necessary, adjustment of the credit history.