Investment solutions customized for each client

Investment consulting

  • Study of the facility to be invested, risk analysis;
  • Investment design of a new business;
  • Development and implementation of the legal mechanisms to finance business and ensure business safety;
  • Selection of the optimum investment mechanism and attraction of capital to develop or support the current activity of the company or accomplishment of the project;
  • Selection of the option ensuring the most efficient use of property;
  • Substantiation and development of the optimum mechanisms for financing investment projects;
  • Development of the investment project on a turnkey basis;
  • Substantiation and development of the mechanism that ensures repayment of the investment resources, protection of the investor and guarantees;
  • Accompanying services at all stages of the investment cycle (approval of the antimonopoly authorities, local authorities, conducting negotiations with banks and insurance companies);
  •  Efficiency analysis of the alternative investment options.

Project financing

  • Attraction of investments to the extent that considerably surpasses the assets of the investment seeker;
  • Accomplishment of the projects that are at the initial stage;
  • Distribution of the project risks among the project participants;
  • Suspension of services provided to the investor while the project comes up to the production capacity figures.

Accomplishment of investment projects

  • Determination of the legal form – the project will be launched on the basis of the already existing entity or a new business will be established for such purpose;
  • Specification of the persons in charge – they will be responsible for implementation of the project, manage the entire cycle of the investment business project and be liable for the obtained results;
  • Determination of the means to be used for functioning of the investment direction that is being established;
  • Determination of the main economic characteristics or parameters – these include the pricing rules for the products, the procedure of their sales on the market, means of advertising and the measures to compete with similar projects.