When and who needs consulting?

 Need of original ideas required for the development

  • Need of specialized experience
  • Need of knowledge about the latest developments
  • Need of a third party to settle an internal conflict
  • Need of objective and impartial advice
  • Need of establishing links inside and outside of the company


In which spheres do you provide consulting?

 Consulting is aimed at assisting the managers to achieve the planned goals. These can be various, beginning from accounting and reporting and ending with increase in sales and marketing, i.e., they include the entire activity of the company. The KVADRA INVEST Group of Companies provides a wide range of services aimed at business development. Therefore, prospective clients can get advice in such spheres:

  • Legal services
  • International activities: opening and running business abroad
  • Financial services – planning
  • Insurance and accounting
  • HR and personnel aspects
  • Marketing


How long have you been working on the market?

 We have been working as a consulting company since 2015, however, our specialists accomplished individual projects (business plans, workshops, etc.) since 2009.


What is the cost of your services?

 We do not define our cost until we study your business. It is the only way to understand what is really necessary. Having done that, we can make you an individual offer where we indicate the price of our services.

However, in any case when you apply for a specific service to us and not directly to a bank or a law company, you get your money’s worth.  We will analyse all market offers and select the optimum solution without surplus payments and fees.

The preliminary analysis is free-of-charge!


Who your main clients are?

 Besides the above benefits, the consulting services give an advantage of a fresh and impartial angle on activity of your enterprise. We assist in revealing the problem and perspective that are quite often invisible for the process participants.

Therefore, it is not only novices and starts-up who apply to consulting companies but also experienced entrepreneurs and companies that have already implemented many projects.

It is impossible even for most effective person to be all over the place and know everything about changes of the legislation, new technologies and know-how, and keep track of the latest trends. Quite often the middle and large businesses resort to the consulting company services and become maximum effective!


What regions of Ukraine you work in?

Our headquarters are in Kyiv but we work across the entire country remotely.



What are the advantages of your company as compared with the competitors?

 Trust and confidentiality

Trust is the base of our business, the company staff guarantees absolute confidentiality as regards the information obtained in the course of cooperation.

Relevant experience

As far as consulting necessitates a wealth of experience and no less knowledge, it is necessary to seek advice from the professionals only. Being a company which develops its own businesses, we possess a successful record of implementation of the ideas proposed by our consultants for our own projects. Besides, we have a huge experience of interaction with representative of the governmental authorities.

Customized approach to each client and diagnosis of his problems. We do not catch at a project at once before we appraise its meaning and understand specificity of the enterprise.

Comprehensive approach

We apply a structured and comprehensive approach to solving tasks, therefore, our work is not chaotic. Our client can get both consultations and the strategy and implementation of the selected plan.


By advising a certain strategy, beginning accomplishment of a plan and signing a contract, we take on a liability for the result to be achieved.


Do you apply discounts when working along several lines of business or when ordering services form several companies of your holding?

 Certainly, we display our financial loyalty to permanent clients and those who wants to get a package of services. The discounts and promotional offers are in a special section of our website. Also, you can discuss them individually with our manager.


What are the main reasons and advantages for a client to apply to an outsourcing company so as to solve the arising problems?

 Nowadays, outsourcing is one of the most convenient instruments to optimize business processes of the company which, in its turn, can impact the business efficiency as a whole.

Attraction of competent specialists. Outsourcers are professionals in their domain. They may, as nobody else, cope with solutions of the filed-specific tasks.

Labour saving. As certain business processes are transferred to partners, it is not required to keep own employees to support them.

Cost-cutting. Staff reduction leads to shrinking of the total wage bill. In its turn, it provides for lower deductions to the social funds and taxes.

Rise in the main activity efficiency. Getting rid from the non-core functions means a chance to focus on enhancing the efficiency.