In the current legislation of Ukraine we do not see impediments to business but note countless opportunities to accomplish the most challenging business ideas.

Support of the financial and insurance companies:
• entry in the register of financial institutions;
• receipt of licenses;
• agreement of substantial participation.

Support of the co-investing institutions:
• registration of asset management companies, corporate investment funds and shared investment funds;
• agreement of substantial participation;
• development of business models with the use of ICI.

Support of construction activity:
• receipt of licenses for construction works;
• development of business models for financing construction;
• change of the designated purpose of the real estate (processing of reconstruction).

Legal support of the partnerships of all kinds of ownership:
• state registration/arrangement of corporate management;
• development of standard contracts/agreements, support of the current activity.

Training institutions:
• assistance in establishment of kindergartens and training and educational complexes.
• support in receipt of a license;
• package of services connected with the training institution activity.

Advocacy support:
• Advocatory investigation and protection of clients’ interest in court;
• Building of the legal position in the case;
• Taking of evidence (by sending lawyer’s requests, getting access to things and documents and seizure of documents);
• Support of the case at the pre-trial stages and directly during hearings;
• Settlement of the problems connected with follow-up of a certain case.